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Buidheann Kaiqi a’ comharrachadh Latha Cloinne na Cruinne

Time :2022-06-01 17:13:20 Buaidhean: 2

Description: Kaiqi invite all employee’s children to play in the showroom and spend the day with their parents, all children got the gifts for the children day and had a great time playing on the various playground equipment.
Key words: children day, playground equipment, play park

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une is the cradle and dream of childhood. In a twinkling of an eye, it is a happy time for children. In order to celebrate the World Children Day, care for the growth of employees' children, and enhance employees' sense of gain and happiness, Kaiqi Group held the children friendly open day activity of " Happy children day and imagining childhood" to accompany the children to spend an unforgettable World Children Day.

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The activity started with the cheers of the children. Under the leadership of the director of children's fun park, the children came to the showroom to play on some playground equipment. The children slide down the high slide, release their infinite passion in the cheers, start a wonderful adventure, stay in the castle of the children's dream world, enjoy the childlike innocence, and leave a real and beautiful memory!

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Both adults and children can hardly resist the joyful charm brought by various amusement devices. They are still childlike and enjoy it.

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After playing games on the playground equipment, they sit down and start painting the play park in their dream. The childhood play park is colorful and attractive with various of play games; the childhood is full of magic ideas and creative mind, there are wonderful paintings that we can’t imagine.

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Paintings from kids

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What makes life so beautiful
It is the sincerity and childlike innocence we hide
Let's take the time machine
Return to childhood with children
Feel the growth and change of children
Go into the world of children and listen to their voices