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Bidh Kaiqi a’ comharrachadh co-là-breith airson luchd-obrach a rugadh san Dàmhair agus san t-Samhain

Time :2021-12-24 15:01:11 Buaidhean: 6

Years witness growth and time engraves happiness
Spend time together with joy and thank the company with laughter
Enjoy your happy moments
Record a warm and pleasant time

Elaborate birthday party scene
A wide range of delicious food, happy laugh
Sing a birthday song and taste a sweet cake
May all the wishes made by the the god of longevity come true~

                                                                                                 Play games happily                                                   Warm moment

Co-là breith sona dhut
In the days of sudden drop in temperature
Go to a birthday party and get together for warmth
Warm up the whole winter together